July 7, 2015

One of today’s problems of our society is to diagnose, without a proper medical analysis , children’s and teenagers behavior as disorders that have to be cured.

This doesn’t help parents  to raise and guide their children throughout their growth.

Father of two daughters,  for more than ten years,  I have been experiencing  the bad habit to label children with expressions, such as dyslexia, dysculculia ,hyperactive , attention deficit and so on, that might sound scientific, but in reality they delate from our society the healthy growing process, becoming a problem that has to be solved.

Being an entrepreneur I have decided to speak out and support the project “PENSARE OLTRE”, a no profit association, by distributing well made books to my employees.

Some comic strip designers  have helped our association to develop these books, which want to send a clear and educational message to help to increase a responsible and sensitive conscience towards our children’s wellbeing . It’s an extremely important topic that involves each one of us.

These comic strips with Lupo Alberto, Cattivik and  Wings, have been prepared mainly for parents, in order to help adults to communicate with their children in a simple but effective way. They also help families to have a full comprehension of this serious matter that is often misunderstood.

Today’s children will be tomorrow’s men and women

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Below the interview made by TGCOM 24 to Elizabeth Armiato, Etoile of the Teatro alla Scala                                                                                                                                                                           

                                                                                                                             Maurizio Galimberti