March 12, 2014

In an ever increasingly competitive market, choosing to enter the “price war” could turn out a kind of strategy that may not lead to success, especially in Italian market.

That is why companies need targeting quality, expertise and innovation, which are the only flagships that enable to strongly stand out from competitors and get one’s work appreciated also across the ocean.

The company Cristina The Transparent Packaging has borrowed this concept and in recent years it has remarkably invested in more resources to target innovation and quality. It has been able to automate the gluing of a pyramid-shape transparent case, thus creating for the first time a kind of packaging of sophisticated shape for industrial production; it follows less expenses and customer’s significant time saving during the packaging stage.

That’s not only a success evidencing the company’s knowledge and expertise, but also a message on the team’s great care for its customers.

A glued transparent pyramid, embellished by fine graphics, couldn’t but stand out on the shelves and grab potential customers’ attention.