We start to play our winning match before we begin the production.
The planning of the packaging is the most important phase of all. Scatolificio Cristina’s team knows how crucial is the attention to details. In this step any choice could be decisive.
Each product has got its own specific features and its packaging has to combine to it, enhance, protect and reach the goal.
The pack, now more than ever, performs a crucial role of primary importance in the present economic scenario, because it allows  a product to differentiate itself from the one of its competitors and to  catch the eyes of the consumers.
Cristina’s team knows very well that it doesn’t exist the perfect packaging for all products, that’s the reason why in this phase a group of experts gets together to study a custom made packaging for that specific product.
The analysis for an efficient and effective solution, the great experience in printing technics and the realization of packaging optimized for carriage and the location on the shelf, it makes Cristina the worldwide leader in the production of transparent packaging in PET, PET-R POLYPROPILENE.


To allow the client to see in advance the transparent packaging conceived for his product, Sctolificio Cristina equipped itself with modern machineries that allow the creation of an out-and-out mock up

For exhibitions or advertising events, we are able to produce on short notice, a pre-series with the same high standards of the final production.