Printing techniques


Foil blocking is surely the best technique to obtain amazing metallic effects.  This particular procedure is obtained by the employment of foil blocking dies carefully carved and heated up, that impress on the packaging, through a thermal transfer, the gold or silver leaf or holographic foils.
You can obtain mirrored and metallic effects of high quality, and of extraordinary visual impact. This is very important for marketing because allows the creation of captivating  and unique packaging  that guarantees major visibility and allurement that hits the target. Many years of experience and high competence have made, throughout the years, Scatolificio Cristina a reference point for the creation of packaging printed with gold, silver and metal foils. This kind of printing can be combined and overprinted with other printing techniques such as offset and silk screen allowing to embellish your transparent packaging.


It is a particular printing technique or indirect printing, that takes place by transferring ink from a printing plate to the cylinders and subsequently to printing material.Cristina has customized 2 UV offset machineries to solve printing issues due to plastic: from small and attentive device to avoid scratches to top secret structural operations.Thanks to this printing technic, it’s possible to reproduce the smallest detail with a high degree of precision.When using this technic on transparent packaging in PET, PET-R, PP, it is necessary to create a perfect balance between water and ink, a very delicate alchemy which is the outcome of a deep knowledge of the world of color.  With a bit more water you’d have a faded ink, on the other hand with less water the color would sticks even where it shouldn’t. The key of an excellent print has to do with the creation of the right formula and balance between various parameters.


Silk screen printing is a particular technic that employs a printing  screen, in which the ink seeps through and settles on the transparent sheet The difference between offset and silk screen printing is the quantity of ink used, you need more ink in silk screen than in offset. The definition of the details becomes more complex but the graphic effects are unique. You can achieve metallic finishing in gold and silver and through the use of gloss varnish, you can confer a shiny effect to the packaging, and also protect it from scratches. It is also possible to enhance the pack with particular pigments that confer an iridescent and pearlescent effect to the PET and by adding an embossy  ink, it is possible to increase the tactile experience. Scatolificio Cristina that has used silk screen printing since the early ’70 is able to offer its clients, many graphic solutions both innovative and of strong effect on transparent packaging in PET and on POLYPROPLENE.