Production techniques


The die cutting is a very delicate stage in the creation of luxury transparent packaging. The slightest error could cause some defects in the locking.Tested methods, high qualified staff and many years of experience are the bases to obtain a high quality product which measures up with the most luxurious window shop. Thanks to the Scatolificio Cristina’s staff attention  towards the market, in the last years, it has been placed side by side both die cutting high frequency soft crease and microsmartline.

This innovative process, allows us to supply cartons which can be packed on high speed automatic lines at the rate of 300 pieces per minute. The microsmartline technology also allows us today, to supply packaging  easy to  assemble by hand with a  thickness up to 600 micron, with the advantage of a reduced cost.


The gluing phase is probably the most critical in the whole production of transparent cartons because it increases the risk of scratching the delicate material surface and therefore compromise the luxury packaging. The gluing takes place thanks to a sophisticated equipment where a thin line, or more in the case of crash-lock bottom carton, of hot melt transparent glue is applied on the surface. At the end of this process the staff, with white gloves, controls the quality of each single transparent carton During all the production phases we guarantee constant aesthetics and structural quality checks.