Throughout the years we have obtained important certifications that guarantee the quality of our transparent packaging and allowed us to become more competitive and to operate in different areas of the market.


The Brc–Iop developed by the British Retail Consortium &  Institute of Packaging, guarantees the safety and quality of the food packaging through the HACCP methods. Thank to this certification and to structural interventions inside the productive area of our company, we are able to produce direct food contact packaging assuring the client the monitoring of the packaging throughout production and  delivery, to reduce up to 0 the chances of contamination.

ISO 14001:2004

Scatolificio Cristina obtained the environmental certification ISO 14001.
This is an additional validation of quality achieved by our company which goes on the development of its original Company standard founded on the social responsibility towards the environment.
The acronym “ISO 14001” identifies the main international standard connected to the environmental control of the organisations.
Self-certifying following the ISO 14001 is not a duty but is a voluntary decision of the company which decides to establish, realize and maintain a personal environmental business management.


Scatolificio Cristina is a registered member of  Sedex®, an innovative and effective supply chain management solution. Sedex is a not for profit membership organization dedicated to drive improvements in ethical and responsible business practices in global supply chains
Our core product is a secure, online database which allows members to store, share and report on information in 4 key areas:

  • Labor Standards
  • Health & Safety
  • The Environment
  • Business Ethics

SEDEX offers our clients information that ensures our correct way of working and that our ethical and social practices are able to satisfy their standards.

For the future

The factory wants to provide with a security system for the occupational Safety control complying with the rule  BS OHSAS 18001 in order to be able to prevent the potential risks and reduce the work related injuries and occupational diseases.